The Art Of Giving 2011

The 2nd Annual Art Of Giving
Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011

Good Art. Good Wine. Good Will.

The (no name) Art Group 2nd annual wine exhibition featuring wine labels designed by over 50 local artists. The bottles were available for a donation to Philabundance, the region’s largest hunger relief organization.

Congratulations to all our artists!




Exhibition & Fundraiser

Saturday, October 29, 2011
12 – 9 pm
B Square Gallery
614 South 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Special thanks to Chaddsford Winery for providing our discounted wine and custom labels!


Artwork Gallery

BELOW: Emilia Apostolova, Erin Berger, Michael Berger, Sherry Berger
Emilia Apostolova
Erin Berger Michael Berger Sherry Berger
BELOW: Kevin Blanchard, e Bond, Courtney Bowman, Phillip Bowman
Kevin Blanchard e Bond Courtney Bowman Phillip Bowman
BELOW: Maureen Bradley, Heather Bryson, Romy Burkus, Krista Carpenter
Maureen Bradley Heather Bryson Romy Burkus Krista Carpenter
BELOW: Dee Collins, Lauren Conrad, Corinda Cook, Carol Coster
Dee Collins Lauren Conrad Corinda Cook Carol Coster
BELOW: Daniella Deal, Denise Fike, Kate Garchinksy, Marie Gilligan
Daniella Deal Denise Fike Kate Garchinksy Marie Gilligan
BELOW: Tessa Guze, Leslie Hanlon, Christina Hess, Deborah Larkin
Tessa Guze Leslie Hanlon Christina Hess Deborah Larkin
BELOW: Lynn Latona, Amy Lehr Miller, Sara Lenton, Jennifer Martorello
Lynn Latona Amy Lehr Sara Lenton Jennifer Martorello
BELOW: Jeff McCloskey, Linda Mehnert, Bethann Mitchell, Ellen McGuire Morrison
Jeff McCloskey Linda Mehnert Bethann Mitchell Ellen McGuire Morrison
BELOW: Cvetan Nachev, Anastasia Nacheva, Bill Ng, Louise O’Rourke
Cvetan Nachev Anastasia Nachev Anastasia Nachev Louise O'Rourke
BELOW: Chhavy Pek, Dolores Poacelli, Timothy J. Prough, Nora Quinn
Chhavy Pek Dolores Poacelli Timothy J. Prough Nora Quinn
BELOW: Josh Sears, Karen Shelly-Genther, Antela Smith, Corina St. Martin
Josh Sears Karen Shelly-Genther Angela Smith Corina St. Martin
BELOW: Nancy Stock-Allen, Stoyan Stoyanov, Marka Suber, Stuart Wade
Nancy Stock-Allen Stoyan Stoyanov Marka Suber Start Wade
BELOW: Samantha Vuono, Erik Weber, Cathey White
Samantha VuonoErik Weber Cathey White


Reception Photos