The Art Of Giving 2012 Philadelphia

Calling All Artists! Philadelphia


The Art Of Giving 2012: Philadelphia

About the Project

Inspiration: The Love of Place. Regardless of culture we all draw inspiration from the places that surround us, and carry those places with us throughout our lives. We are seeking a group of artists from the Philadelphia area to create artwork centered on this theme. The artwork will be featured online followed by a Artist Reception in Old City Philadelphia. Wine labels will be created from each work of art. The bottles will be available online for a donation to Philabundance, the region’s largest food bank and hunger relief organization.


Jul 15th – End call for entries (50 artists)

Sept 17th – Artwork due date (DIGITAL ONLY)

Pre-orders taken for wine for one week only. Note there is a limited amount of wine so first come, first serve!

Nov 11thArtist Reception in Old City Philadelphia
NOTE!!! No original artwork will be displayed at the reception, only digital artwork slideshows, and lots of yummy drinks and food. All wine to be pre-ordered online and only pick-ups will be permitted at the reception.

Artwork Details:

SIZE: VERTICAL FORMATS ONLY!!! Your original artwork must be 8 inches wide x 14 inches high. Only artwork at these dimensions will be accepted. Delivery is a HIGH RES DIGITAL VERSION ONLY (300 dpi), to be sent via email (preferred). If you do not have a quality scanner then please have it scanned at a service center (kinkos, staples, etc). No “photographs” of the artwork unless they are professional photographs of a 3-dimensional piece.

NOTE: be sure to hold onto your original artwork, we’ll also offer the option for you to sell your original artwork online for interested buyers, you’ll keep the proceeds! We may also have an opportunity to display the original artwork in another gallery in the near future.

THEME: Inspiration: The Love Of Place

MEDIUM: You may work in any medium, however ARTWORK CAN NOT be created on anything thicker than 1/16″  (in the case there is a formal exhibition in the near future). If your original artwork is 3-dimensional, please submit a photograph (see above)

PHOTO/BIO: A photo and brief artist bio is requested for our brochure (online form to be provided)

ARTIST FEE: We request a donation of $20 per artist to help cover exhibition and promotional costs (payment details to be provided).

Artwork Due Date: September 17, 2012


Please be sure to come back and check out our artwork!


Who owns the rights?
You own the right to your artwork. However, by agreeing to participate in this project you agree to allow (no name) Art Group, the right to reproduce your artwork (whether via web or in print) in any (no name) Art Group  related promotions.

Can I sell my artwork?
Yes! Your artwork is yours, so you can sell it for whatever price you’d like. Keep in mind the (no name) Art Group keeps a 40% commission. You are also free to sell your work and donate the proceeds to our beneficiary, Philabundance. When donating your proceeds, (no name) Art Group will not take a commission. More details will be provided closer to the exhibition,

What kind of wine will my label be on?
Any kind! Note that there will be a variety of different wines, so it’s recommended you don’t tailor your artwork to a particular kind or type of grape.

Can I incorporate text?
Sure, if you like and if it’s part of the artwork. Note that the label template will already include your name at the bottom and the project date (see visual).

How will guests purchase the wine?
Pre-orders will be taken for wine one week only (Oct 1st-7th).  Note there is a limited amount of wine so first come, first serve! NOTE: All wine to be pre-ordered and only pick-ups will be permitted at the reception (Nov 6th)

How many artists are participating?
There is an estimated 50 artists participating for this project in Philadelphia, however we have branched out! Please see The Art Of Giving 2012: Kansas City

Where does the wine come from?
The wine will be provided by Chaddsford Winery. Chaddsford Winery, located in the beautiful Brandywine Valley to the southwest of Philadelphia, is Pennsylvania’s largest and best known winery. More:

Join Together Now.

family, cluster, collective, club, congregation, fraternity, circle, association, committee, community, support system, tribe.
There are a million words for a group of like minded individuals in pursuit of a common goal. There are a million small ways these kinds of groups can effect change. Groups become effective because they call on the collective best of the individuals within it. Strength in numbers, right?

There is an old Kenyan proverb that says, “sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.” This week on the inspiration blog, I thought I would highlight some sites that are allowing groups the opportunity to make a difference by standing together behind someone, something, or some great idea. Some of these sites aim to end poverty one person at a time, others simply aim to help people realize a goal by allowing others a way to offer a hand. At times it is a loan, other times it is a gift, but no matter how the money is given, these sites have found ways to connect people across the world and make good stuff happen.

So, let’s talk crowd funding shall we? Crowd funding is just a fancy way of doing what communities and families have been doing for years. You know, raising barns, getting kids through college, harvesting crops, feeding people who need it, just pitching in when pitching in needs to be done. I mean in my family alone, it took three people paying just to get me through art school, that’s crowd funding on a micro level but it worked. So now imagine the whole world in on this idea, and using the internet to invite folks to the party.

Crowd funding sites are the virtual spaces that get groups of folks together to collectively pool their money in support of common goals. There are are a few really aimed at making crowd funding easy for both borrower/recipient and lender/donor.

Sometimes all we need is a little help for a short amount of time. $25 can go a long way….Enter Kiva and their creative use of microfinance concepts and theories explored and thankfully shared with the world by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammed Yunus. Kiva is a “non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.”

sidenote: If you like what Kiva does, check out Women for Women International. They’ve been kicking ass and changing womens lives for years now using a one on one system of pairing up women who sponsor other women for roughly $30 a month.

Kickstarter is another kind of  funding platform. It isn’t about ending poverty, instead it’s about funding creativity for artists, designers, filmmakers, basically anyone with a good idea in need of financing. It’s a new way to “fund and follow creativity.” Anyone can use kickstarter, check it out!

Profounder is another online tool started by the founders of Kiva more along the lines of Kickstarter. It aims to make the lending and borrowing process easier and more clear for all parties involved.

For more information about the birth of Kiva, and ultimately profounder, check out this TEDtalk.  Jessica Jackley: Poverty, money — and love

Also, want to know more about microfinance? or Muhammed Yunus?