2015 Memory Portraits (Nepal)

  • The Project

    Creating portraits for children living in Nepal.

    The project is based off of Ben Schumaker’s “The Memory Project”, a unique initiative in which artists create portraits for those living in challenging situations around the world. In addition to the portraits, each artist's goal was to raise $250 USD or 1 year's education for their child.

    Creating portraits for children living in Nepal.

Participating Artists
Amount Raised
HPP-Nepal(Himalayan People's Project Nepal)


Rebuilding Nepal isn’t only about homes. Jobs have been lost with children now missing out on an education due to lack of money for school fees.

Just $250 USD a year can pay for a child to remain safely in school learning the skills to help rebuild Nepal in the future.


A HUGE thank you on behalf of everyone at Himalayan Peoples Project – Nepal and Hope & Challenge for the amazing kindness you’re showing the children through your paintings. The children and their families are incredibly relieved and so so happy to be receiving your help with their education. It’s a massive weight off the whole family’s shoulders with more money available for survival and of course, immeasurable hope for a better future for their children which is beyond words…

– Beth Halford, CEO Himalayan People’s Project Nepal


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More About Our Beneficiary

Himalayan People’s Project – Nepal is a small UK-based charity passionate about helping those in Nepal who are most in need. They believe strongly in approaching development in an empowering and sustainable way. The charity works together with Nepalese NGO Hope & Challenge to provide educational support to children from some of the poorest families in Kathmandu.