Moonlight Festival – Helping Kids In Vietnam

There is a small non-profit I’ve worked with in Vietnam “Hoi An Foundation”. They specialize in free medical care for orphans and elderly. They have done really amazing work. When I just noticed their humble little fundraiser below. I put out a quick email, and the donations came instantly! The Full Moon Festival is a big holiday in Vietnam (think Christmas), and thisĀ  gave kids in need a chance to celebrate as well. The total cost was $191 for 20 kids.

The donation was made on behalf of (no name) Art Group. We like to thank the following supporters for their contribution:

  • Bill Berger
  • Margaret Berger
  • e Bond
  • Stoyan Stoyanov
  • V.L. Georgiev
  • Cathey White

From Hoi An:

Hi all,
Hope everything goes smoothly and well with you.
The party went very well. We made the Moon pies ourselves and cooked for the party. The kids were excited and happy.
Please see the pictures and feel the happiness that you have contributed to.
Thank you so much for your support!

Best Regards,
NGuyen Thi Thu Quynh


Our Donation purchased:

Mooncakes for 20 children
Notebooks for 20 children and lanterns
Activities for fun and Dragon Dance
4.000.000 VND about 191 USD

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