Featured Artist: e Bond

Now it’s time to brag about one of the biggest rock stars I know, both in art and in life! Featured artist e Bond is another creative soul who has been with us since the beginning. I’ve known e since 1992, we connected immediately our freshman year sharing a love for important things in life, like line art and tacos. I’ll try not and go into my personal testimony of why I think she is awesome, or our unforgettable adventures together. But I’ll mention this, that we (she) planted 3,540 trees together in the Scottish highlands and once I saved her from a cat on the island of St. Lucia with a water bottle. We’ve been through a lot.

Why “e”?

First thing’s first. Let’s get the most popular question for e out of the way. It’s true. e’s full given name is a lowercase “e”. Her mother has always spelled it this way even if the birth certificate demanded an uppercase. e says “my mom wanted people to meet me with no preconceptions as to my race, gender, ethnicity, or religion. e Bond is like a blank slate-you can’t tell much by it, so you’d have to figure it and me out once you meet me”.

e, the magnificent.

e holds a BFA in graphic design and art history from Moore College of Art & Design and an MFA in Creative Writing and Book Art from Mills College. For over 15 years e has worked as both a print and web designer for companies like Anthropologie and Gap Inc. while also serving as professor of Graphic Design and Book Art in various college and university art departments. Her work has been published in 500 Handmade Books: Inspiring Interpretations of a Timeless Form, by Lark Books and 1,000 Artists’ Books: Exploring the Book as Art by Sandra Salamony.

Selected book publications, a full article in The Philadelphia Inquirer, and featured artist in Anthropologie. See, we told you she was awesome! More press here >

What we would like to add…

  • e currently lives in California, although the East Coast wants her back
  • e’s handmade journals are incredible, and we think everybody should have one. Check out her roughdRAftbooks shop here >
  • e is VP on our board, and a most fabulous social media manager. All those cool captions and images on our Instagram? That’s e! She also is available for brainstorming and troubleshooting our projects at all hours of the day.
  • e traveled to Hoi An and taught a bookmaking workshop for (no name) Art Group >
  • e loves a good homemade bread, she refuses to wear matching socks. She loves road trips, TREES, calm people and nice squirrels.


north american tree series made for Anthropologie stores during fall 2011 and were an edition of 2,500. Read more >

Just a few of the many handmade fine art books by e. We chose to highlight her rock books, of course. Give yourself a treat and view her full nature-inspired collection here >


e’s Latest Project! Each week e creates a drawn, painted, scribbled, printed, collaged, doodled, sewn on, altered book . Follow along on Instagram @eisroughdraft, check out the project hashtag #52originalroughdrAftbooks


e bond makes digital spaces by day, handmade books by night, hangs out with trees on weekends and writes something close to poems in the spaces between. Under the studio name roughdrAftbooks—created in 2003—she makes one-of-a-kind artists books, printed pieces and drawings that merge and blur the boundaries of art, craft, design and poetry.

artist + educator + writer + bookbinder + designer

Check out more of e’s work here:

Website: http://ebondwork.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roughdrAftbooks/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eisroughdraft/



Thank you e Bond for all the beautiful things you put into the world!

Some of e’s contributions to (no name) Art Group projects…

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