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Cathey White (no name) Art Group Grant Recipient – Thank You!

We saw some pretty great things accomplished by our first artist grant recipient, Christina Hess. Now, you can check out how Cathey White used her funds! A huge thank you to all those who had contributed in 2011-2012 (no name) Artist Grant Sponsorship.  Here’s what Cathey has to say!

Cathy White with her artwork in (no name) Art Group "Memory Portraits 2007", creating portraits for foster children in Uganda, Africa

Cathy White with her artwork in (no name) Art Group “Memory Portraits 2007”, creating portraits for foster children and underprivileged youth in Uganda, Africa

“I have been part of the (no name) Art Group  from its inception in 1999. It has been amazing to see how much it has grown, and I am always excited to do the projects ESPECIALLY the wine project. As an artist and educator I feel it so important to give back to my community as well as to other communities near and far. It takes so little time to change someone else’s life, the way their world is viewed, and their perception of humankind. I wish more people thought about that concept as much as groups like (no name) Art Group do. And because I feel so passionate about the idea of community and public service there isn’t a project I have not participated in thus far. I may wait until the last minute at times, but when I sit down to do a project, I really put my soul into it. I think of the importance and impact that is attached to the work that is being made. I mean… how many times do you create a piece of work that when finished will literally feed a person; literally allow a child whom has never seen their reflection see how the world might view them or even create a connection to another being that you may never meet or speak to but be part of your life forever? This is why I am a member of (no name) Art Group and hope to be for years to come.

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In 2011, (no name) Art Group decided to turn the tables and give back to the artists that give so much of themselves by offering a grant! How cool is that?? I decided to apply for the grant and I did not win first place in the online competition. It was a close race and I was truly excited for the amazing artist that came in first. Naturally I was surprised when I received a call saying that even though I came in seconcathey_white_workingd, the first place winner did not request all of the funding and I would receive a substantial portion of the grant money!! What a birthday gift! ( I got the call on my birthday week ☺ ) Without this money, I could have NEVER been able to do what I did next…FINALLY GET A WEBSITE DESIGNED. People have been asking me for years…”do you have a website?” “what’s your website?” “you should really have a website..” “can I see more of your art on your website?” I am happy to say, I can now answer,! I can’t tell you how long I have had the domain name…I have been waiting for this for years. As most artists know there are so many costs associated with actually making and promoting art. I also was able to purchase some much needed supplies. I work in a specially formulated spray paint which, I can only get from Seattle so the monies were helpful in restocking and having paint shipped across the country. I also was able to purchase a new exhaust fan. Prior, I had an old heavy metal fan that I have injured myself trying to take in and out of windows on many! My new exhaust is a life saver (literally.)

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I am excited to share all the new and old work many have never seen and being able to communicate with the world via my new site. There is no greater feeling than having actual ownership of how one’s work is presented and promoted. Lastly, the best part of all of this was being able to pay another artist to make this happen for me in the true spirit of (no name) Art Group. Pay them with actual green money, for their work and its value. Seeing my website, makes me feel like a professional and is giving me such motivation to get in the studio and make, make , make and I owe it all to the (no name) Art Group. Thanks again and please visit soon!”

Cathey White has been a integral part of our group, contributing to over 15 projects that have made a positive impact on others around the world. Cathey  was (no name) Art Group’s  Featured Artist in 2010 >


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  • Leslie February 10, 2013  

    congratulations on the creation of your gorgeous website! love all of the products, philosophy, colors and patterns. YOU ROCK!

    LV Les