Featured Artist: Sandra Webberking

Our group has oodles of talent, and with Earth Day around the corner we’d like to highlight a very special one!

This “no name” artist sure has made a name for herself. Sculpture artist Sandra Webberking of Springfield PA has been with the group since 1999. Her contributions, have been some of our most memorable (and definitely largest!) works of art. Sandra hasn’t painted a rock, but she sure is a rock star! She is an eco-minded artist and every piece is filled with passion and love. You can find her installations in local restaurants, streets and, gardens throughout the area.

Donation for (no name) Art Group Bookmark Project 2003, fundraiser for First Book Literacy Program in Philadelphia.

Atlantic City Waterfront Sculpture Walk

Catfish bike rack in East Falls, Philadelphia


Her latest work include breathtaking fire sculptures made from recycled propane tanks. Just in time for summer, the sea creature series includes mermaids, jellyfish, and seahorses.  More >

Sandra says…

Being an avid gardener, it seems natural that I gravitated toward creating whimsical sculptures for the garden I spend so much of my free time in. I value the process of finding objects, listening to their story and reincarnating them into the creatures they will become. Nature is a profound source of inspiration to me and my work. I am especially inspired by the wonderful rhythm and lines of trees and their branches –they are purposeful with the space they take up.

I believe in preserving out natural resources and for this reason I recycle whenever possible. We live in such a disposable age and as a reaction to that I am trying to show that reusing is not only environmentally friendly, but it is also fun. Often times the finding of the objects, is as much fun as making the piece.

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You can check out all of Sandra’s work here, and catch her on the road full schedule:


Thanks Sandra for all you’ve done for our group! You’re an inspiration to us all!

2017 Earth Rocks! Call For Artists

Now is the time to keep ART and LOVE alive. So we’re starting our next project, 2017 EARTH ROCKS! This one is similar to our last project, but with lots more exciting parts that will allow our good deeds to spread even further. Here are the details!

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Earth Day 2014

Squirrel’s No Junk Mail Campaign

I don’t know about you, but I’m throwing away piles of junk mail each week. I’ve had enough! So I’m making a sticker for my door…and offering you one too! What’s the cost? Nothing. Why am I doing it? Well, because I’m an advocate of reducing waste, living simply and loving the earth – and I bet you are too!

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Jeff McCloskey Doodle

Just Do(odle) It!

Blog by Jeff McCloskey

Doodling is the brooding of the hand. -Saul Steinberg

A drawing is simply a line going for a walk. -Paul Klee

One of my earliest and favorite memories of drawing as a child was doodling. When my uncle used to visit he would make a game out of drawing.

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Words and Images

Words & Images = Good Stories

Trying to marry words and images well is proving to be a lifelong quest so I am always excited by the ways people are telling compelling stories on the web or anywhere for that matter. Here are a few recent and not so recent places I visit for inspiration on the web.

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The Art Of Giving 2013!

This year, Rasa Salon jumped on board “The Art Of Giving” with the purchase of 4 cases of wine for a fundraiser held at their Salon. The wine labels featured their tagline “You Are Beautiful. You Are Loved’ and sold for $20 each. All proceeds will be donated to Philabundance. Thank you Amber & Rasa Salon!

Moonlight Festival – Helping Kids In Vietnam

There is a small non-profit I’ve worked with in Vietnam “Hoi An Foundation”. They specialize in free medical care for orphans and elderly. They have done really amazing work. When I just noticed their humble little fundraiser below. I put out a quick email, and the donations came instantly! The Full Moon Festival is a big holiday in Vietnam (think Christmas), and this  gave kids in need a chance to celebrate as well. The total cost was $191 for 20 kids.

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Earth Day Success!

Earth Day Artwork! Congratulations and THANK YOU to our artists, we’ve raised over $3,500 for charity: water!

We raised $3,500!
175 people will get clean water in Nepal!

squirrel_bottlesMany of us have no idea what it’s like to be thirsty. We have plenty of water to drink — even the water in our toilets is clean!

But many people around the world don’t have that luxury. Every day, 5,000 kids die from water-related illnesses before they reach their fifth birthday.

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Cathey White working

Cathey White (no name) Art Group Grant Recipient – Thank You!

We saw some pretty great things accomplished by our first artist grant recipient, Christina Hess. Now, you can check out how Cathey White used her funds! A huge thank you to all those who had contributed in 2011-2012 (no name) Artist Grant Sponsorship.  Here’s what Cathey has to say!

Cathy White with her artwork in (no name) Art Group "Memory Portraits 2007", creating portraits for foster children in Uganda, Africa

Cathy White with her artwork in (no name) Art Group “Memory Portraits 2007”, creating portraits for foster children and underprivileged youth in Uganda, Africa

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