Featured Artist: e Bond

Now it’s time to brag about one of the biggest rock stars I know, both in art and in life! Featured artist e Bond is another creative soul who has been with us since the beginning. I’ve known e since 1992, we connected immediately our freshman year sharing a love for important things in life, like line art and tacos. I’ll try not and go into my personal testimony of why I think she is awesome, or our unforgettable adventures together. But I’ll mention this, that we (she) planted 3,540 trees together in the Scottish highlands and once I saved her from a cat on the island of St. Lucia with a water bottle. We’ve been through a lot.

Why “e”?

First thing’s first. Let’s get the most popular question for e out of the way. It’s true. e’s full given name is a lowercase “e”. Her mother has always spelled it this way even if the birth certificate demanded an uppercase. e says “my mom wanted people to meet me with no preconceptions as to my race, gender, ethnicity, or religion. e Bond is like a blank slate-you can’t tell much by it, so you’d have to figure it and me out once you meet me”.

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Featured Artist: Sandra Webberking

Our group has oodles of talent, and with Earth Day around the corner we’d like to highlight a very special one!

This “no name” artist sure has made a name for herself. Sculpture artist Sandra Webberking of Springfield PA has been with the group since 1999. Her contributions, have been some of our most memorable (and definitely largest!) works of art. Sandra hasn’t painted a rock, but she sure is a rock star! She is an eco-minded artist and every piece is filled with passion and love. You can find her installations in local restaurants, streets and, gardens throughout the area.

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2017 Earth Rocks! Call For Artists

Now is the time to keep ART and LOVE alive. So we’re starting our next project, 2017 EARTH ROCKS! This one is similar to our last project, but with lots more exciting parts that will allow our good deeds to spread even further. Here are the details!

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Earth Day 2014

Squirrel’s No Junk Mail Campaign

I don’t know about you, but I’m throwing away piles of junk mail each week. I’ve had enough! So I’m making a sticker for my door…and offering you one too! What’s the cost? Nothing. Why am I doing it? Well, because I’m an advocate of reducing waste, living simply and loving the earth – and I bet you are too!

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Jeff McCloskey Doodle

Just Do(odle) It!

Blog by Jeff McCloskey

Doodling is the brooding of the hand. -Saul Steinberg

A drawing is simply a line going for a walk. -Paul Klee

One of my earliest and favorite memories of drawing as a child was doodling. When my uncle used to visit he would make a game out of drawing.

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Words and Images

Words & Images = Good Stories

Trying to marry words and images well is proving to be a lifelong quest so I am always excited by the ways people are telling compelling stories on the web or anywhere for that matter. Here are a few recent and not so recent places I visit for inspiration on the web.

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Cathey White working

Cathey White (no name) Art Group Grant Recipient – Thank You!

We saw some pretty great things accomplished by our first artist grant recipient, Christina Hess. Now, you can check out how Cathey White used her funds! A huge thank you to all those who had contributed in 2011-2012 (no name) Artist Grant Sponsorship.  Here’s what Cathey has to say!

Cathy White with her artwork in (no name) Art Group "Memory Portraits 2007", creating portraits for foster children in Uganda, Africa

Cathy White with her artwork in (no name) Art Group “Memory Portraits 2007”, creating portraits for foster children and underprivileged youth in Uganda, Africa

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Lucky Bamboo = Lucky You

It’s not by chance I’ve added a little green to our art! It’s a little teaser for our next (no name) Art Group project…art for Mother Earth!

Earth Day Project 2013 Call For Artists >

Do the number of bamboo stalks have meaning?

Wine bottle with bambooYES! Chinese numbers are either Yin (even numbers) or Yang (odd numbers. The Yang or odd numbers are considered the most fortunate of all. The total number of stalks in your Lucky Bamboo arrangements is very significant. The explanations show below are for the Prevailing/Growing Cycle of Yin and Yang.

Meaning of “YIN” numbers: Yin represents the feminine side – it embodies the nurturing nature of earth. Yin is “fluid” in that it contracts and condenses, sensitive to changing temperatures, atmosphere, sensitive to emotions. It represents also the passive side of nature such as dark, cold and wet.

2 = Double luck, happy relationships; good number.

4 = Academic achievement, creativity, writing, Romance

6 = Easy money, wealth, good flow of luck.

8 = Good luck and fertility. Very popular.

10 = Completeness and fulfillment in life.

Meaning of “YANG” numbers: If you have a feminine side, you gotta have the male side to go with it. Yang represents the masculine side of nature. It expands, representing activity such as light, heat, and aridity. Yang stands for living, life, action. Yang is the bringer of life – in human form, masculinity is responsible for planting life in Yin; thus Yin is the nurturer providing the necessary elements for life to grow and protecting it.

1 = Simplicity and a meaningful life.

3 = Good for prosperity and fertility. If used with a curly (money) stalk in the middle, it means wealth. Very popular.

5 = Happiness, good and balanced luck in all aspects of life. Very popular.

7 = Good luck and prosperity in relationships.

9 = Good health, prosperity and love life.

11 = Good all-around luck. Very popular


Read more! http://www.espritdeisle.com/lucky-bamboo/lucky-bamboo-and-feng-shui.html

Earth Day Project 2013 – Call For Artists!

earth day sample mugDEADLINE IS FEB 1st! Both professional artists and any “young artists” welcome! SEND US AN EMAIL to confirm your place: [email protected]

Ditching plastic bottles keeps Mother Earth and your wallet green!

Help save the planet by using a trendy thermos alternative to plastic bottles – designed by YOU! Artwork exhibited at B Square Gallery and thermoses and insert-able art prints will be available for a donation. The best part? Artwork is interchangeable! You’ll be able to insert any artist print in your thermos!


Artist Call For Entries: Deadline Friday, February 1, 2013
Artwork Due: Monday, March 18, 2013
Artwork Reception: Saturday, April 20th at B Square Gallery in Philadelphia (Earth Day is Monday April 22nd)
Artist Fee: $25 donation includes your artwork matted, PLUS one thermos+your print!
(Note we are ditching the GLASS and WOOD frames this exhibition to lessen our carbon footprint! You artwork will be professionally displayed in an earth friendly white board mat)


Original artwork MUST MUST MUST be HORIZONTAL and at these exact dimensions: 8.5 inches HIGH x 12 inches WIDE

Theme: Earth Day! Anything honoring our Mother Earth 🙂

Earth Day Sample Artwork

Earth Day 2009 graphic above was created by artist Dana Gray for the Environmental Council of Sacramento, California’s Earth Day 2009 activities









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