Featured Artist: e Bond

Now it’s time to brag about one of the biggest rock stars I know, both in art and in life! Featured artist e Bond is another creative soul who has been with us since the beginning. I’ve known e since 1992, we connected immediately our freshman year sharing a love for important things in life, like line art and tacos. I’ll try not and go into my personal testimony of why I think she is awesome, or our unforgettable adventures together. But I’ll mention this, that we (she) planted 3,540 trees together in the Scottish highlands and once I saved her from a cat on the island of St. Lucia with a water bottle. We’ve been through a lot.

Why “e”?

First thing’s first. Let’s get the most popular question for e out of the way. It’s true. e’s full given name is a lowercase “e”. Her mother has always spelled it this way even if the birth certificate demanded an uppercase. e says “my mom wanted people to meet me with no preconceptions as to my race, gender, ethnicity, or religion. e Bond is like a blank slate-you can’t tell much by it, so you’d have to figure it and me out once you meet me”.

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Featured Artist: Sandra Webberking

Our group has oodles of talent, and with Earth Day around the corner we’d like to highlight a very special one!

This “no name” artist sure has made a name for herself. Sculpture artist Sandra Webberking of Springfield PA has been with the group since 1999. Her contributions, have been some of our most memorable (and definitely largest!) works of art. Sandra hasn’t painted a rock, but she sure is a rock star! She is an eco-minded artist and every piece is filled with passion and love. You can find her installations in local restaurants, streets and, gardens throughout the area.

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2017 Earth Rocks! Call For Artists

Now is the time to keep ART and LOVE alive. So we’re starting our next project, 2017 EARTH ROCKS! This one is similar to our last project, but with lots more exciting parts that will allow our good deeds to spread even further. Here are the details!

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In Memory of Phillip Bowman

It is with regret we announce the loss of (no name) Art Group member, Phillip Bowman. Phillip was our oldest member. Although he was a very private man, his work was strongly represented by his loving daughter,  Courtney Bowman, who is also a (no name) Art Group member.

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